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Expertly managing production — and expectations

Even as a teenager in Michigan, Brett Börzsei, production manager for Columbine Label Company, knew he wanted to work in the printing industry. Throughout high school, he took graphic design classes at his school and the local university to sharpen his design skills for page layout, websites, animation, and more. While earning a BS in Imaging and Print Science from Western Michigan University, Brett found his calling in print. “I discovered that I was better at managing the work and what goes into producing print rather than the design side of things.”

After graduating in 2011, Brett had his sights set on Colorado. He applied to Columbine Label Company in 2011 and was hired as a sales assistant. The job evolved into a sales/production liaison and eventually to his current position handling production management, scheduling, quality assurance, and onboarding.

360-degree print experience

In his role, Brett capitalizes on his full-spectrum knowledge of printing. “I have spent time in the art room, interacting with customers and suppliers, and I’ve also run a portion of the machinery we have in the plant,” he explains. “Having the knowledge base of sales, our front-end system, art design, and knowing how the presses work, allows me to pull from every aspect of the print process to make the best decisions possible when presented with a challenge.”

Promises made, promises kept

A big part of Brett’s job is ensuring that Columbine Label delivers when promised. Central to that is managing expectations in a world of ongoing supply chain issues. “In the first eight years I’ve been with Columbine, we could order whatever we needed and have it within a week or two,” Brett notes. “But over the last two years, that has changed drastically. We’re seeing lead times of six to eight months on some inventory. Nobody wants to hear that what was once so easily attainable is no longer available quickly. I work with the sales team and their customers to help everyone understand the reality of the situation and recommend substitutions on a material that will work as effectively.”

Digital helps meet demands

In the face of supply challenges, digital printing continues to be the answer to fast turnaround times. “People want things now and digital printing has allowed that to happen. When I first started at Columbine, we had multiple flexographic presses and had just purchased a digital press about a year earlier. The flexo presses provided about a two-week lead time. But with our digital press, we have been able to consistently offer a three- to five-day turn time for years,” Brett says. “It’s a point of pride for us.”

Teamwork and award-winning chili

There’s much that Brett enjoys about working at Columbine Label. “Coming from a family that owned a small business, I know what it takes to be successful at a place like Columbine Label,” he explains. “It’s a tight-knit community here and seeing the successes of our team is very important to me. I know that any one person cannot do the job on their own. The ability to work together to a common goal and reaching that is very rewarding.” And when it comes to non-work-related fun and teambuilding at Columbine, Brett says one of the many great experiences was winning the Columbine Label chili contest.




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