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Columbine Label, with over 34 years of experience in the label printing industry, continually develops and updates criteria to help customers lower the cost of labels and save money on all their custom label runs. Their team of experts is well versed in producing labels for all industries, including craft beer and other beverages, food, health and beauty products, industrial products, and household products. Regardless of the pricing pressures created by the pandemic or other cost-increasing factors, manufacturers of all sizes can follow these money-saving tips.

Follow these best tips to lower the cost of your labels

1. Material

Allow your label specialist to identify the material best suited for your product. Many variables go into the material choice, such as application type, application temperature, service temperature, container type, and even container shape. Utilizing your label printer’s expertise will ensure that you are paying for a material that is overkill, or for a material that won’t get the job done right. As a result, choosing the right material will save money and headaches along the way.

2. Colors

More colors can equate to higher cost, plus additional setup charges. Work with a printer that has digital printing technology. Digital printing presses typically produce your design in a four-color process, or six-color process and do not require printing plates.

3. Label Size

Label size is important to ensure proper fit to your container. Did you know that label printers have web-width limitations? These limitations affect the number of rows of labels that can be printed at one time, and the amount of material waste. Columbine Label is equipped to determine a minimum and maximum size for your label. This will allow them to maximize the web width, use the base material more efficiently, and ultimately save you money. Plus, less waste is created!

4. Quantity

Placing orders in bulk will get the best price. Label printing is no different. Ordering a higher quantity of labels will get your unit cost down. The key is knowing your label usage, so you don’t end up throwing away obsolete labels. Labels that are the same size and printed on the same material can be combined into one run, giving you the benefit of higher quantity price breaks. Let your label specialist understand your label ordering needs and they will guide you to best practices for saving time and money.

5. Flexibility

Being flexible with your label printer can help save you money. Whether it’s the size of your label or specialty material, ask your label specialist to send you samples of recommended alternatives. It could be in your best interest.

6. Labels on a roll

The default number of labels on a roll is 1,000 (if quantities permit). If you are utilizing an automatic label applicator to apply labels to your product, find out the maximum outside diameter the machine will allow. Doing this will almost certainly provide more labels on a roll which will reduce the number of setups and changeovers on your end. It may also save you money in the label quote (especially true for very high quantities).

7. Buy Direct

Similar to any trade, label printing is a specialty, and although many businesses are willing to sell you labels (one-stop-shop) they are unable to control important aspects such as quality, price, and turnaround time. They are merely a pass-through entity that bears responsibility and therefore adds cost to the invoice. Avoid paying middle-man markup by purchasing your labels direct from the printer.

We invite you to send in your existing labels, and/or containers. Columbine Label’s team of experts will evaluate your products and ordering processes to see where we can lower the cost of your labels and save you money.




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